At sea en route to Russia

We are starting our second day to sea en route to Petropavlosk, Russia.  I had arrived in
Seattle on Thursday with enough time to take the light rail downtown from my airport hotel.  I must  say that I did not really see much except stores but the city seems very nice and I will be happy to go back some day to see more.  We set sail at 5:00 pm and I attach a picture of the Seattle skyline showing the Space Needle Tower and Mount Rainier ( locally pronounced Raneer.)  During the night we ran into a big depression and about 2:00 am hit a large wave which woke up everybody on the ship.  Yesterday most people were either seasick or on the verge.  Not too many people were around the ship.  Today it seems a little less rocky as we head for Alaskan coastal waters.  There is plenty to do on the ship with about 4 things organized for each hour of the day giving lots of choice.  Today I am going to Tai Chi and a couple of lectures. It is still a bit too rocky to head up to the gym which is up high on the front of the ship.  However, as I did yesterday, I will take an hours walk around the deck. Tonight is the first of 11 formal nights.  The next post will be after Petropavlosk.



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