Sendai, Japan

I was not actually in Sendai.  We docked at a coastal city of Miyagi and from there I took a tour to Matsushima Bay, reputed to be one of three of the most scenic places in Japan.  The Bay is full of many islands covered with pine trees.

It would have been nice to do a scenic cruise, but my tour went to a couple of temples.  The first was a zen temple called Zuiganji Temple.  A temple has been on the site since 828 CE.   The main temple was closed for renovations but we saw the kitchens and an art museum on the site as well as the tomb of the chief wife of the Shogun who completed the temple as it currently stands.  The tomb was beautiful but could not be photographed.  The photo below is of the outside of the main temple and the main gate.

Our next stop was an old  tea house set beside the bay, and a museum containing some interesting silks, porcelains and armour. 

The last and best stop was a Shinto shrine called Shiogama.  Today was a special day at the shrine.  Many families were bringing their babies and small children to be “blessed.”  The children were adorable as you will see below.  It was also a special day for a tea ceremony and many ladies in Kimonos were in attendance.  The grounds were lovely with many manicured gardens.


Main gate of the Shiogama shrine

The next stop is Yokahama which I am going to tour on my own.


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