Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong many times but you would hardly know it was the same place as they keep building new things and moving old ones to new places.  It is still a great place to shop though the prices are not what they were, and the jewellery stores are not so abundant and are a little more understated.  We docked at the Ocean Terminal which is right next door to the Star Ferry which crosses between the Kowloon side and the Hong Kong Island side. The ferry is a Hong Kong institution.   This is the very best place to be docked. The view from my cabin is spectacular both day and night. The night time photo shows a laser light display which they put on each evening on both sides of the harbour. (photos)  I spent the first day wandering the streets and trying to find old favourite spots most of which do not exist.  The second morning the Tai Chi group set out at 5:45 to join a group in Kowloon Park to do Qi Gong (warm up )exercises. (I will get a photo from someone in the group and post it later.)  These are relatively easy to follow compared to Tai Chi which takes some time to learn.  It was an interesting experience and the people were very friendly.  I visited a lovely garden called Nan Lian Garden and Buddhist Nunnery which I had not know existed before (photo).  On the Kowloon side they have a cultural centre with theatres and a lovely Art Gallery which I visited.  Again, this was new to me.  I made certain that I had a trip across to Hong Kong on the Star Ferry – a must do even if you have done it many times before. I went first class and it costs about 75 cents. I have a picture of the ship taken from the ferry and a picture of the ferry taken from the ship.  At the end of the day my feet were again complaining but this time I used up what was left of my Honk Kong dollars and had a foot massage.  It was well worth it. Our next stop is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  We may have to cross paths with Super Typhoon Megi before we get there!

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