Slawi Bay, Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is a National Park known for its animal residents, notably the indigenous Komodo Dragons.  They are a monitor lizard that can grow more than 9 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds.  They are carnivorous and are quite ferocious.  They could gobble down an adult in a couple of minutes but there has not been such an incident for more than 20 years.   We were only allowed off the ship if we were registered on a HAL shore excursion. This was an Indonesian rule not HAL’s.  HAL hired sufficient rangers to manage the tours and to protect us which they did with wooden sticks!(photo)  We were tendered into shore where we met the ranger and proceeded on a one mile walk.  While there has been quite a lot of rain lately, the dry season was starting and the underbrush was quite dry.  It was also very hot though I had signed up for an early morning tour.  In addition to the dragons there are snakes, large spiders and beautiful birds and deer, which are a source of food for the dragons (photo).  We saw four large dragons near a waterhole and a small one in the bush. There are some residents of the island who are the descendents of former convicts from neighbouring islands.  They subsist on fishing and supply handicrafts to the park headquarters souvenir stand.  They live in houses built on stilts to protect them from the dragons. The tour ended as you would expect at the souvenir stand where I contributed to the local economy.

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