Darwin, Australia

Darwin was quite a change after the huge, noisy, busy Asian cities we had been visiting.  However, it was just as hot or maybe even hotter.  It is small and compact. The people are very casual.  Because of the vagaries of the tides and the fact that we all had to clear Australian Immigration at this port, we did not have a lot of time to visit.  I decided to visit the Botanical Gardens. The Information Office  gave me a map of the gardens and suggested that I take a bus.  Unfortunately, the bus and I did not cross paths, either going or returning so I walked the 2 km each way.  The gardens are quite lush and beautiful (photos).  An old Methodist Church which was erected in 1897 was restored and moved to the gardens in 2000. (photo).  After seeing the gardens I returned to town and wandered down the Mall looking in the Art Galleries, all featuring Aboriginal art.  There was invariably an artist in residence.  One I saw was working on a large canvas that was very beautiful.  Finished, I am sure it will sell for several thousand dollars.  Just as I returned to the ship, an air show began and it was quite obvious that it was for our benefit (photo).  It was put on by the Australian equivalent of the Snow Birds.  Apparently, Holland America is the only cruise line that calls into Darwin (or so some guide told some of our passengers) and this was by way of a thank you.  It went on for 30 minutes.  Sailing into and away from Darwin, you get very nice views of the Northern Territory Parliament and the skyline of Darwin (photos). On our way to Cairns we are going to anchor at the Sherrard Island Reef and we have a reef pilot onboard both to get us through the reef safely and also to explain it to us.  More on that next time.

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