Cairns, Australia

We docked here at 9:00 this morning and as you will see from the pictures below, you can see most of downtown Cairns from the ship.  I visited the Art Gallery which had some nice aboriginal art (photo) and local Museum (photo).  The first was more modern than the second but the latter had a couple of very friendly men running it who were determined that I should know all about everything.  I noted from the visitors book that they did not get too many visitors there.  I am writing this at noon and plan to find an internet cafe where I can get cheap wifi so that I can update my computer, send email, post this blog and hopefully update the slide show that is on the blog site. Tonight there is a local night market so my friends and I hope to take that in.  Most of the things to do here are out of town a bit and take all day – e.g. seeing the Great Barrier Reef.  I plan to come back here some day soon so I will do  all of that then.  We are here overnight but sail at 9:00 tomorrow morning with the tide.  The Reef Pilot will accompany us to Brisbane.

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