Brisbane, Australia Remembrance Day

We sailed 15 km up the Brisbane River to dock at the Cruise Terminal situated in the suburbs of Brisbane.  The view of the city was quite spectacular (photo).  We had a very early service to commemorate Remembrance Day, led by the three clergy on board.  HAL had provided everyone with a metal poppy pin to wear today.  I noted that in Australia, they seem to sell the poppies only on Remembrance Day.  Brisbane had its service at the memorial at Anzac Square. (photo).  This morning I took at tour to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.  The sanctuary also has kangaroos and other Australian animals and birds and put on a sheep herding and shearing show which demonstrates the talents of the border collies and of course, the shearer.  I broke down and paid to hold a Koala.  (photo)  I couldn’t really pass up the chance.  You put your hands out for them to stand on so you can’t really hold them.  They hold onto you.  They are really cute.  I also wandered among the kangaroos (photo) and one woman gave me some food to feed a couple of them.  They are very gentle  and their tongues feel like velvet. The sanctuary was a very pleasant place to visit.  I then went downtown Brisbane and wandered around looking at all of the historic sites and the Botanical Gardens.  It is quite a beautiful city.


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