Sydney, Australia

We sailed into Sydney Harbour at dawn with the sun shining on the iconic Opera House. It really is a spectacular sight.  (photo) We docked right at Circular Quay which is directly across from the Opera House but I did not get the view of the Opera House from my cabin.  However, I had a bird’s eye view at mealtimes.  I spent the first morning touring and saw the old Government House (photo), the Botanical Gardens (photo) and at the Art Gallery which contained very interesting aboriginal art and some paintings by early Australian artists considered to be masterpieces, which I quite liked. I then walked through the downtown area.  The stores were all decorated for Christmas and one mall, the Queen Victoria Building which was built in the 1800’s, had some very nice decorations which went well with the Victorian Architecture.  After lunch I toured the Rocks area which is the very old area of Sydney and is right beside the quay.  On Saturday and Sunday the Rocks has  a craft market and it was very busy with Christmas shoppers.    I took a quick tour of the Contemporary Art Museum which is also on the quay but did not find much of interest though I got a picture of the jacaranda trees in bloom on the quay. (photo)  Sunday I bought a pass for the two Hop on- Hop off bus routes which you get for an all inclusive price.  One route is urban and the other goes out to the suburbs and the beaches, which were full of sun seekers. (photo)  Each takes about two hours and they provided a very good overview of the city.  I did get off on the urban route and visited the Darling Harbour area which has been developed into a shopping and entertainment area.  Overall I found Australia to be very expensive compared to Canada and the matter is not helped by the recent rise in the Australian dollar.  However, I will go back again some day and do a proper tour on land. We are now headed northeast – and home.


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