Suva, Fiji

I have been to this port three years ago when I was on my way to New Zealand.  At that time I took a city tour which included the museum which I recall was quite interesting.  Today I took a tour to the rainforest.  It involved a two hour hike through the forest past a series of small waterfalls to a larger waterfall which had a large pool at its foot for swimming.  Unfortunately I took my old camera as I was concerned about the humidity affecting my newer one, and I cannot seem to download the pictures to my laptop.  I am sure it has something to do with compatibility with Windows 7.  Anyway, the pool was refreshingly cool.  We continued on to a backpacker lodge where they had prepared a selection of local fruit and muffins for us.  The whole trip was quite nice.  On my return to the ship, I gathered up a bunch of clothes that I did not want anymore and that I intended to give to charity, and asked at the Tourist Information where I could take them.  They suggested I go to the Cathedral which I did, and there I found staff willing to take them to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  This makes more room in my suitcase!  I then went on to the local market which is huge.  It is situated right beside the port.  The people were very friendly, commenting on a large bunch of ginger that I had purchased to brighten up my cabin.  I do have a picture of that, and of an orchid which I had bought in Japan.  Today was such a great day that we are going to do it all over again tomorrow as we cross the International Dateline.  Today, the first November 19th we are 18 hours ahead of Ottawa.  Tomorrow on November 19 #2, I think we will be 5 hours behind because we will also set our clocks forward.  Our next port is Western Samoa.

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