Honolulu, Hawaii

This is our last port of call on this trip. We docked right downtown at the Aloha Tower pier. (picture) I have been here before and that time went around the island and to Waikiki by local bus. Today I took an excellent tour of the Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States.  A volunteer guide, who happened to be a retired Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, did a very thorough job of telling us about the fascinating history of the Hawaiian kings and queens who had lived in the palace, which was restored in the 1960s.  For some time before that, it had been used as a legislative building for the Hawaiian government and was in poor repair.  The furniture had almost all been auctioned off at various times, so they have been trying to find it and re-acquire it.  Someone had put the thrones into a local museum for storage, so they were in their original condition.  Unfortunately I could only take a picture of the outside. (photo) I  then walked around the local area and saw a number of historical buildings which now have various uses. One set which is a museum, were the mission houses of the early American missionaries who came to Hawaii. (photo) My next stop before lunch was the Honolulu Academy of Arts which is an excellent art gallery.  It boasts many masterpieces and one of the two finest Asian art collections in the U.S., the other being in San Francisco.  It rounded out my trip nicely.  This afternoon I walked around Chinatown, which was only moderately interesting, and then headed for the ship through the downtown shopping area which was not at all crowded, considering that today is Black Friday.  Many of my American friends took the shuttle bus to Walmart today to get started on their Christmas shopping.   We have 5 sea days to San Diego from where I fly home.  I have had a wonderful time on this cruise.  I have met many nice people and have seen many very interesting and beautiful things. They run a version of this cruise every year, changing most of the secondary ports, and some people take it every year.  Of the new places that I went, I liked Japan the best. It was really interesting, easy to get around and the people were really friendly and helpful.  However, I would be happy to go back to any of the ports again.  This will be my last post on this blog for this trip.  For those who I don’t see regularly, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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