Oranjestad, Aruba

We docked here at 1:00 pm after a long sail from Half Moon Cay.  The ship has lots of activities for sea days which is a good thing because it is at full capacity (2000 people) and most of them are under forty.  It is still school break and there are quite a lot of kids aboard,  but not so many as last week when apparently there were about 250 kids on board.  I am hoping that most of them get off on Friday at Fort Lauderdale and that none get on!!!  However, I shouldn’t complain because not one kid has caused me any problem. Aruba has been an independent country since 1986 and the Netherlands Antilles of which it used to form part, was dissolved in 2010.   I didn’t take a tour here because I had an idea that I would take the local bus to the beach.  However, it was very windy and there was a little rain when we arrived so I just walked around the town.  The next time that I come here I will definitely take a tour.   The town is full of souvenir and jewellery shops.  However, there is an old fort ( picture), a park with a statue of Queen Wilhelmina, (picture)and a pretty town square (picture).  I also have pictures of the parliament and a picture of the beach strip which I took on the sail into the port.  We sail the short distance to Curacao overnight and I do have a tour booked there.

Aruba (18)Aruba (12)Aruba (23)Aruba (20)Aruba

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