St. Maarten/St. Martin

We docked at Phillipsburg on the Dutch side of this island.  The Dutch side is an independent country with ties to the Netherlands.  However, the French side is a Department of France and hence is part of France.  The Dutch side has its own currency but the French side uses the Euro.  American dollars however, are used everywhere.  Each side has its own power and water supplies, schools, hospitals, fire departments, etc. However, the international airport is on the Dutch side.  The French side has a regional airport.  There is no border control between the two parts of the island.  I have been here twice before but cannot find any pictures on my camera card from those visits.  Today I took a tour which visited 5 artists in their homes which also contained their studios.  To get to them we actually had to drive all around the island on both sides.  The tour was very interesting because in addition to the art, we got to see how they lived. They worked in different media, including watercolour, oil, acrylic and ceramics. As we were not allowed to take pictures in the studios, and we did not stop for other pictures, I took very few pictures but below are a picture of a rainbow over a mega ship at the terminal, some beautiful birds and bougainvillea and a couple of seascapes.  Our last port is a repeat of our first port, Half Moon Cay, which we visit on Thursday before returning to Fort Lauderdale on Friday.  I am doing a tour to the Everglades on Friday so I will add one last post to this trip on my return home.


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