The Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Today was disembarkation day.  My flight to Ottawa would not leave until 7:00 pm so I took a shore excursion to the Sawgrass Recreation Park which is a state park very close to Fort Lauderdale.   In addition to airboat rides through the sawgrass plain and sightings of alligators and birds, the park offers an animal refuge for exotic pets that have been dumped into the area by owners who no longer want them.   In residence were some wolves, panthers, turtles, birds and raccoons.  I’m not sure what is exotic about the raccoons but some people think they make terrific pets!!  They also have a 50 year old alligator on view.  The Everglades is a slow moving river that starts somewhere near Orlando and runs south to an outlet near the Florida Keys.  Land reclamation in areas such as Fort Lauderdale requires the elimination of some 1.7 billion gallons of water daily into the ocean.   The park was rather small, but in terms of an activity to kill some time before heading to the airport it proved rather interesting.  the photos below show an alligator, some birds and the sawgrass plain.

IMG_6591 IMG_6566 IMG_6568 IMG_6575 IMG_6588

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