Kizhi Island, Russia

We arrived early this morning having entered Lake Onega late in the evening.  Kizhi Island Open Air Museum  is a UNESCO World Heritage site on the north eastern tip of Lake Onega.  It is known for its collection of wooden architecture including the stunning church of the Transfiguration with 22 timbered onion domes.  This church’s shingles are made of aspen which changes colour with the light and in the picture below, you will hopefully note that the spires are glowing silver.   Kizhi also boasts the oldest church in Russia, Church of the Intercession which contains a working bell tower which was played for us.  The village contains a farmhouse which we could enter, a sauna, various granaries and outbuildings including a windmill. Most of these are in the style of log cabins.  There are people dressed in peasant costume performing various tasks such as carpentry, needlework  (which is very finely done and is the same on both sides), and gardening. The weather was lovely which is not always the case here.  We leave for a day of sailing past more forests and villages heading to Kuzino.


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