Yaroslavl, Russia

We are now sailing the Volga River.  Today’s stop was the City of Yaroslavl, founded in 1010 by Prince Yaroslavl on the spot where he killed a bear which is now on the city’s coat of arms. Yaroslavl is one of the historically significant and picturesque Golden Ring cities located near Moscow.  It is a beautiful provincial city.  We visited two churches, the Cathedral, which is brand new  and the Church of Elijah the Profit which was quite ancient and contained beautiful frescoes and icons.  The city has a couple of hundred churches but only a few dozen are working churches.  We visited the market and had a taste of local cheeses, salami and pickles, organized by our ship.   We had some free time to explore the markets and city centre and then went on a walking tour of the old part of the town which has been destroyed and replaced by beautiful parks and fountains  which extend along the river.  Up and down the Volga we saw many beautiful churches. It was very hot today and being a Sunday, many people were out in the country visiting their dacha’s along the river.  These dacha’s are country cottages and can be anything from a palatial home to something the size of a garage, most falling into the latter category. There are many beaches and they were full of people swimming.  The photos below are of churches seen along the river, St. Elijah’s in Yaroslavl and the war memorial and cathedral in Yaroslavl. 



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