Uglich, Russia

This industrial city was founded in 1148.  It flourished in the 13th and 14th centuries and was a favourite city of Ivan the terrible in the 16th century. He exiled his seventh and last wife here with his son Dmitry who died in mysterious circumstances just after the death of Ivan.  It was thought that Boris Goudonov had him murdered and then assumed the regency on behalf of the feeble minded Tsar Feodor.  The 17th and 18th centuries brought a lot of wonderful architectural buildings, which are still in existence but somewhat dilapidated.  We visited the Cathedral of our Saviour’s Transfiguration and the Church of St Dmitry on the Blood where the body of Dmitry was discovered.  Both are visible from the river and I show those photos below.  We heard an a capella quartet in the Cathedral.  They sang a a hymn and then the Volga Boatmen.  This was the second time we were treated to an a capella quartet.  The acoustics in the churches are fabulous and the quartet has the sound of a full choir.  Naturally, CDs are for sale at the exit!  At lunch today we had food from all regions of the former soviet republics.  it was very good.  We have had a lot of Russian food though the Chef is German.  Generally, the food has been very good.   We are now headed for Moscow.  I will update the blog later in the week.

IMG_7596IMG_7597IMG_7627A Russian cat – for those who love them!

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