Today we spent a half day touring around Kanazawa before heading off to Nara.  Our first stop was the Kenrokuen Garden.  This garden is one of the three finest landscape gardens in Japan.  It contains all of the six superior characteristics of a garden, that is, spaciousness, seclusion, artifice, antiquity, watercourses and panoramas.   It was started in 1676 as the outer garden of the Kanazawa Castle and achieved its current state some two hundred years later.  It has been designated a National Site of Special Scenic Beauty.  We wandered the grounds and then were treated to a tea ceremony.  The elements of the ceremony were traditional but the tea was prepared in advance for all but one person whose tea was prepared as part of the ceremony.  This was done to save a lot of time. I have included a number of pictures of the Garden and one of the woman preparing tea.   We then headed off to the Higashi Chaya district.  This was formerly the Eastern Pleasure District or Geisha Quarter.  No geisha are to be seen today. The houses, which are original, are used for restaurants and shops. (photos).  We then headed to the Omi-Cho Market where we had lunch in our choice of the various small restaurants. I include a picture of plastic sushi which is outside a restaurant.  The plastic food is used as a menu for diners.  Our very excellent Japanese tour guide, who had been with us since Tokyo, then took us to the rail station for our trip to Nara, and he returned home. Our Travel Indochina guide, who has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese will show us around Nara before getting us to Hiroshima by train tomorrow.


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  1. This Kanazawa post + pix reminded me of how much I loved that town when I visited in 2001, and deepened my determination to return “un dia”. Please keep up your fascinating write-ups and superb pix, Leslie!

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