Miyajima is renowned as one of Japan’s three most scenic spots.  It is the second of the three that I have seen.  You will find my write-up of a visit to the other one, Matsushima Bay, on the coast near Sendai where the earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11th, under October 5th, 2010 named Sendai.   Miyajima  is an island not far from Hiroshima which you reach by train and ferry.  You could spend a lot of time here riding a cable car to see the views and hiking through the park.  We visited the Itsukushima Shrine, with its iconic O-torii Gate, featured in much Japanese tourism advertising.  I have pictures of the gate first from the water and then the land.  There is a picturesque Five-Storied Pagoda (photo) and a pleasant Maple Grove (photo).  As in Nara, there are many deer which are believed to be messengers of the gods.  There were hundreds of students visiting, though I must say they were well behaved, if noisy.  After a short visit we headed off to Kyoto for our last two days of the tour.


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  1. Miyajima is another of my favourite places – such beauty and calm so near Hiroshima. Amazing to think it survived the Bomb. Your pix are if anything getting even better, Leslie! These ones are superb.

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