Honolulu, Oahu

This is the third time I have been in Honolulu.  The last time was in November 2010 when I toured the historical district.  You can see the post for that visit in my blog. I had promised myself that the next time I was here I would visit Pearl Harbour and that is what I did today.  We had nice weather for our visit.  Apparently Honolulu had a lot of rain and flooding last week, but there was no trace of it today.  A visit to the Pearl Harbour Memorial is a highly organized event.  The area is partly under the control of the Parks Service and partly the U.S. Military.   You are not allowed to carry in any bags or purses.  You can take in a camera, clear water, a hat, umbrella and anything else you can put in your pockets. Visits are timed and they put through 30 tours of 150 people every day starting at 7:00 am.  We had tickets for 9:30.  At precisely 9:25 we lined up to enter a theatre where we saw a very informative 30 minute documentary about the events surrounding December 7, 1941. It was made up primarily of original footage from old newsreels.  At the end we were escorted to a navy launch which took us to the Arizona Memorial. Over 1000 men are entombed in the ship. The first photo is the memorial seen from the launch.  The second is the memorial room.  The third shows parts of the Arizona which stick up above the water.  The memorial lies across the Arizona so that the two make up the shape of a cross.   We were given about 25 minutes there.  I was surprised to learn that only three of the ships that were bombed that day were not raised and refurbished and sent back out to sea.  You can also visit the other two ships.  Next to the Arizona Memorial you find the USS Missouri shown in the next photo.  She is decommissioned and is open for tours.  She was the only US ship in Tokyo harbour on the day that Japan surrendered.  After returning to the main facility, we were free to visit a couple of museums, a bookstore, a decommissioned submarine, the USS Bowfin, and to read various historical markers around the grounds.  If you had time before your timed visit, you could visit the museums first. We were then taken on a bit of a bus tour around Honolulu.  The first place we went was the Punchbowl US Military Cemetery.  I have two pictures, one of the memorial sculpture and the other showing the grounds and graves. The cemetery is in the crater of a volcano.  Returning to the ship I took a photo of the view of the city with Diamond Head in the background. Tomorrow we visit Nawiliwili, Kauai.


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2 Responses to Honolulu, Oahu

  1. Fascinating, your account and pix of Pearly Harbour, Leslie. Other than “Tokyo harbour” you managed to do this without mentioning “The Japanese”…

    Looking foward to your next posts.


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