Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Spanish explorers found these islands in 1595 and named them Las Marquesas de Mendoza. The Marquesas Islands are the peaks of submerged volcanoes and are mountainous and fertile.  However, our Captain said that they were more green and lush than the last time he saw them during the dry season.  Taiohaie Bay where we anchored is the administrative centre. I had booked a tour, the only tour the ship had organized for these islands, but still not being well, I cancelled as there was a great demand for tickets.  The tour involved going in private 4X4 vehicles up the central valley and over the peaks to the other side.  It promised to be a rough ride, but beautiful as you can see from a couple of photos that I took from the ship.  Instead I went for a walk around the town which is the administrative centre for the islands.  While it was not overly developed, I was surprised by how modern everything looked.  For example, note the Cathedral and school ( photos).  Again, this is the influence of the French who do provide the basic necessities to the citizens.  One exception is the remains of an old traditional house (photo) In the harbour I saw quite a few boats, including what looked like some racing boats (photo).  I also got a picture of a couple of local people with their pets.  This is our last port of call and we are on our way to San Diego.  It is six days sailing to reach there.   This will be the last post on this blog until mid July.


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One Response to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

  1. daviddapaget says:

    Bon retour, Leslie. Sorry you got ill on the last leg, and hope you recover quickly. Looks to have been a lovely cruise.

    PS Everything on shore from your photos does indeed look modern/well maintained (could I say “ship shape”), which you attribute largely to the French administration. The constrast with scenes I am now used to in the underdeveloped parts of Peru is striking…

    What’s next up, “in July”?

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