Boston, Massachusetts and Corner Brook, NL

I arrived in Boston on July 12th and spent two and a half days sightseeing before boarding my cruise ship, m/s Maasdam for a cruise called the Voyage of the Vikings.  I enjoyed Boston. I had a Boston Go card which allowed free entry into many museums and historical and other tourist sights in Boston and surrounding towns, and included a hop-on hop-off bus pass. It also included a harbour tour, which I took and a river tour which I did not.  As entry fees are steep in Boston (the Museum of Arts is $25.00), this pass was an excellent value. It can be had for up to 7 days and you would need a week to see everything there is to see in Boston and the surrounding area.  The only picture I have included is one of an unusual sculpture which was situated on a walkway between my hotel, the Seaport Hotel, and the Boston conference centre. It depicts Polish underground fighters who battled German and Soviet forces in WWII and later the communist regime of Poland.

Our first port of call  on July 17th was Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. This is a small city on the west coast of Newfoundland on the south shore of the Bay of Islands which is accessed through a long fjord. I have a few pictures showing the sail into the bay. This is another place that was explored by Captain Cook who named the Bay of Islands, one of several that I have visited in my travels..  He was most unimaginative in choosing the names of places.  However, the local historical museum is of the view that the work Cook did in surveying and mapping Newfoundland was his most laudable accomplishment. In addition to visiting the museum I walked the Corner Brook Stream Trail. This area of wetlands, rapids, ponds,  fish ladders and waterfalls, runs from the edge of town through the middle.  It takes a couple of hours to walk the central part of it.  I include a few pictures of the stream and Glynmill  Inn Pond with its swans.  The local tourist bureau arranged a shuttle bus which ran from the ship around the town, stopping mainly at shopping malls, but from which you got a good idea of what the town was like.  The pulp and paper mill which is seen in one of the photos is a big employer and there is some limited cod fishing. The local people are really friendly.  One man stopped all traffic to let me cross the street and kept it stopped while he asked me if I was enjoying myself touring the town.  Another struck up a conversation which might have gone on all day except I said that I still had things to see. The day was cloudy and threatened rain which arrived as we set sail in the evening. The Captain has informed us that due to heavy fog and ice on the way north, we will not be calling at Red Bay Labrador.  He wants to sail through the ice during the daytime. Our next port of call will be Nanortalik, Greenland on July 20th.


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2 Responses to Boston, Massachusetts and Corner Brook, NL

  1. Roger Briand, Mary Lou Talmage says:

    Hi Leslie from Roger and MaryLou (south pacific cruise). Weve been watching for your next trip. Have a wonderful cruise. I’ve been to Boston, loved it. Will keep in touch.

  2. daviddapaget says:

    great to follow you on this amazing northern voyage, Leslie! I’m on my own sort of “northern voyage” just now – in Mntl, after Ott and Prince Edward County – before returning to Lima in a while.

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