Fog, Icebergs and Gale Force Winds

I have met  people who have taken this particular cruise more than once and now I know why.  The weather is unpredictable and you may not call into some of  the scheduled ports.  On leaving Corner Brook, we knew we would not be going to Red Bay, Labrador because of the dangers of thick fog and heavy ice.  However, yesterday the Captain informed us that he and the corporate headquarters had made the decision that we could not do the scenic cruising of Prince Christian Sound, Greenland or call in at Nanortalik, Greenland.  The former is viewed as a highlight of this cruise but it seems that two years out of three they have to miss it, usually due to heavy ice.  This year the problem is a very bad storm that is circulating around Greenland with winds that could hit 100 knots. We are therefore running ahead of the storm to a safe harbour at Reykjavik, Iceland where we will arrive tomorrow at 2:30 pm which is 36 hours ahead of our scheduled arrival. Although we have been ahead of the storm, we have had some rough weather, the winds currently blowing at 40 knots, and for awhile they closed off the outer decks. It has rained nonstop for several days now and is cold.  Iceland is predicted to have a chance of rain but be about 16 C.  The Captain called a meeting yesterday at which the staff showed all of the weather charts and gave a detailed explanation as to why they had to change the itinerary. Safety first!  We will depart Reykjavik on Monday at 1:00 pm after which I will do another post.

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One Response to Fog, Icebergs and Gale Force Winds

  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I have been following your blog since you’ve started it and I always enjoy reading your descriptions and seeing your photos! It’s wonderful to be able to travel with you virtually!

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