Molde, Norway

Molde is a replacement for the three ports that we have missed so far.  It is situated on the northern shore of Romsdalsfjord (two photos) on the Romsdal Peninsula. It is an old town which was a centre of the Norwegian textile and garment industry in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Fishing, farming, banking, tourism, health care, commerce, education and civil administration now offer employment in this city.  The modern city goes by the name of the City of Jazz and Roses and there are two symbolic statues, the Rose Maiden and the Jazz Boy in the centre of town. (photos). I took a walk up a steep hill to visit the Romsdal Ethnographic Museum which is a collection of old buildings which have been preserved and furnished in period style. (two photos)  I then walked to the Royal Birch and Peace Grove(photo) which commemorates the German invasion in April 1940. It was from Molde that the Danish King and his government were rescued by the British Cruiser, HMS Glasgow on April 29, 1940 along with a major part of the nation’s gold.  I then returned to town visiting the Molde Cathedral which can be seen from the port (photo) and looking at the beautiful rose gardens along the way (two photos). The city is very walkable and is worth a short visit. Tomorrow, God and the Captain willing, we will be in Geiranger.


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