Alesund, Norway

Alesund is at the entrance to the Stor (big) Fjord. It is laid out across three islands, Norvoy, Aspoy and Hessa linked by bridges and tunnels. The city grew around a castle built in the 9th century.  In 1904 the old wooden buildings of the city were burned by a fire which killed 10,000 people.  The city was rebuilt in stone in the Art Nouveau style. The Church is a good example and contains stained glass windows presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II (two photos). Alesund is a partner city in the European Art Nouveau Network dedicated to the study and development of Art Nouveau. Fishing is the main industry in this area. It was a cool rainy morning when we arrived and I set off on foot to tour the easily accessible town. I first went to the Art Nouveau area to look at the colourful houses (two photos) and the church. I also went to an area which supposedly has a lot of art galleries.  Those that I found were closed.  However, I found a couple of interesting statues. (photos) There are a number of museums in Alesund as well as one of the biggest aquariums in Northern Europe.  However, none of them interested me. You can also take day tours from here to Geiranger and other nearby places. Tomorrow we are in Bergen.


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One Response to Alesund, Norway

  1. RV says:

    We’re going to Norway next week, my second visit to this lovely country! Alesund is pretty indeed. 🙂

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