Plymouth, England

This was a lovely port to visit.  The weather co-operated most of the day and the local tourist authorities were very welcoming and provided a free all-day shuttle bus to take us the two kms. into the centre of town. I set off for the area known as The Hoe which is a park overlooking the harbour which contains many monuments.  The main one is that to the first and second world wars (photo), but it contains also a monument to Drake (photo) and there is an RAF memorial to all of the British and Allied airmen who perished in WWII (photo).  The main feature of the Hoe, apart from the Ferris Wheel, is the Smeaton Tower (photo) which was once the lighthouse that bade farewell to those sailing to the new world. On one side of the Hoe is a row of Regency houses and on the other, the Royal Citadel (photo), all of which can be seen in a panoramic photo I took as we were sailing away.  I then proceeded to an area known as the Barbican which is where most of the sights of interest are located. The first place I stopped is the Mayflower steps (photo) from where the pilgrims finally sailed to America.  After that I visited an interesting Elizabethan house furnished appropriately to that era.  I enclose a few photos of the rooms.  I then visited a nearby Elizabethan Garden which was quite lovely.  I have set out two photos of it. The last place that I visited was a Merchant’s House (photo) which has been preserved as a museum of the history of Plymouth.  In particular it focuses on the Blitz in April 1941 when 59 raids caused the death of over 1000 people and destroyed over 3700 homes.  As in Southampton, the Blitz and slum clearances in the early 1900s destroyed most of the old architectural heritage of the city.  I then found a small local art gallery where the artists were in residence and happy to chat about their work.  You can see when walking around that this city is affected by the current economic downturn, but the people seem cheerful and they are certainly very friendly. Our next port is Dublin, Ireland where we will have an overnight stay.


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One Response to Plymouth, England

  1. Great pix of here and Southampton, Leslie. Amused to see the statue of hero Drake, whereas I learned from my recent trip to Cartagena that he’s a detested pirate there…

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