Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

Prince Christian Sound is a Marine channel located in the state of Vestgronland.  Travel experts say that Prince Christian Sound is one of the most beautiful cruise experiences on earth. We were supposed to traverse this strait on the eastbound journey but the weather defeated us.  Today it is gloriously sunny though the winds in the Denmark Strait on the journey from Iceland were extremely strong and full speed was sometimes only 16 kts. The steep fjords and waterfalls were created by the enormous force of the Greenland ice cap. Navigation is tricky and helicopter surveillance was necessary today to ensure that our ship could enter one end and get out the other. There are three channels  and the helicopter crew gave advice as to which one to follow. Icebergs are frequently seen in the summer and today was no exception both before entering the sound and while we were in it.   We saw one small village of about 100 persons.  Some of them came out in small boats to wave to us. I leave you with the following photos.  However, they do not really do justice to this beautiful place as most of the mountains are over 1 km. high and that is difficult to capture with the camera.  Our next stop is Qaqortoq, Greenland on August 12th.


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3 Responses to Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

  1. daviddapaget says:

    WOW – fabulous pix!!!!

  2. Larry N says:

    Just did this cruise and I got to say its the best one I have done. My pics have huge reflections and close up icebergs. This is by far more picturesque than overcrowded Alaska.

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