Amazon and Carnival Cruise

I am embarking on a 49 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Brazil and return.  The following is the route map. This is a wonderful way to get away from the cold winter in Canada. I will do detailed posts of the Brazilian ports but will just give a few highlights of those in the Caribbean.


The first port of call is Key West Florida, the southernmost place in the USA.  I have been here before and toured the town which includes one of Hemingway’s homes. He was only one of many well-known people who have spent time in Key West.  Today I decided to walk around and to visit the Butterfly and Nature Conservancy.  The Conservancy has thousands of butterflies of various kinds which fly freely around you in a climate controlled indoor garden.  Some of them even land on you and you have to check yourself before exiting to make sure you are not taking any with you.  Some of the prettier ones were difficult to photograph as they did not sit still.  However, I have a few examples in the photos below.  A unique feature of Key West is that it permits the keeping of chickens in the city.  They are not kept in a fenced area but roam around the streets.  I have a fine example of one rooster that crossed my path.  Our next port is a short call into Georgetown, Cayman Islands.


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2 Responses to Amazon and Carnival Cruise

  1. daviddapaget says:

    Wow – I’m thrilled vicariously, Leslie, and am looking forward to your further blogs. (BTW, I’m heading in the opposite direction, i.e. Cda-in-winter, Feb 1 – 18, so likely won’t respond then.)

    Have you a new camera? In any event, your pix are even better than ever!!!



  2. Geoff Small says:

    Hi Leslie! Thanks for the Key West pictures; we missed stopping there last year due to bad weather. Looks like an interesting itinerary. You must be on a smaller ship to be able to go that far up the Amazon – which ‘dam’ one?

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