Barbados, Dominica, St. Maarten, March 3-5, 2013

I have been to all of these islands before and chose not to do any tours while in these ports this time.  At Barbados I went to a beach.  The water was lovely once you got acclimatized and the beach was a nice white sand beach (photo).  In Dominica, I toured around myself.  I went to the Botanical Gardens (photos).  The gardens were in a state of disrepair the last time I was here due to a hurricane but the trees seemed to have recovered quite nicely. While in the gardens I saw a path which led to the top of Morne Bruce to see the views (photos). It was quite rough and very steep and I definitely got my cardio workout  during the climb.  I took the longer but less steep route down by the road.  Philipsburg, St. Maarten normally has a population of 1500.  Today it swelled by some 21,444 passengers and crew from cruise ships that called in today.  It was too crowded for me.  I went to Orient Beach which is on the French side of the island.  One end of this 2 mile long beach is clothing optional.  The water was a beautiful aquamarine colour and the sand was soft and very white.   Unfortunately I forgot my camera.  However, I was in St. Maarten  on March 29, 2011 when I took an art tour around the island and you can see a blog post for that tour on that date.  This has been a very interesting and memorable cruise.  It ends in Fort Lauderdale on Friday.   This blog will resume in September with a ten week cruise to Asia and the Far East.


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2 Responses to Barbados, Dominica, St. Maarten, March 3-5, 2013

  1. daviddapaget says:

    Great pix. Glad it was such an enjoyable cruise. Wonder if one port/tour stood out above all others…

  2. Carol Ann Thurston says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Just stumbled onto your blog site last night and realized quickly that you were on the same cruise as my husband and I. I am making photo books of my photos, with captions, and your trip blog may help fill in some missing blanks. It was an awesome cruise! Carol Ann

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