ur visit to Singapore was rather short.  We arrived at 3:00 pm on Monday and the all aboard was 1:00 pm on Tuesday.  It seemed that the port call was more for the convenience of Holland America as they changed over some crew, loaded a lot of supplies, made some pre-arranged repairs to the water system and boarded some eighty new passengers. A lot of maintenance work is being done on the ship.  Most of a new internet system has been installed and woodwork is being refinished.  The ship is going in for a major two week long refit at the end of our cruise, and it appears that they are trying to get some of it done in advance.

Singapore as always was hot and steamy and there was a lot of innovative new construction that I had not seen before (photo). I headed off on the MRT (metro) to Arab Street only to arrive at the beginning of a major thunderstorm which, according to CNN, caused some flooding. I took a picture of the Sultan Mosque (photo) before seeking shelter in the shops. After that I went to Orchard Road and Chinatown using the MRT to avoid being out in the streets.  The rain let up overnight and this morning I set out early to visit the Botanic Gardens. I had a short visit to the Orchid garden a few years ago, but this time by taking the MRT, I saw most of the gardens because the MRT station is at one end and the Orchid and Ginger Gardens are at the other.  It is a considerable distance from one end to the other and back so I got my morning workout. I took a lot of pictures and some are shown below. The Ginger Gardens were not very showy as it apparently is not the season but I have a couple of pictures of unusual ginger plants at the end.

Our next port on Thursday is Muara, Brunei.


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