Seville, Spain

Seville is located on the plain of the Guadalquivir river in the Southwest corner of Spain. It is the provincial Capital of Andalucia.  The river is navigable from the city to its outlet on the Atlantic coast making Seville an important commercial port both in the past for trade with the Americas and today.  First settled by Taressians, it was built up by the Romans in 207 BCE and became the center of their Western Mediterranean dominions for seven centuries.  Seville is one of the most important cities in Spain for bullfighting and we started our tour outside the bullring. The bullfighting season in Seville is in the spring, taking a break through the summer and resuming in September to early October.  It does not interest me. We walked through the Santa Cruz quarter looking at various historical buildings and then came upon remains of  the Moorish occupation from 711 CE to 1248 CE in the Alcazar and La Giralda,  the former minaret of the Great Mosque, but now the Cathedral bell tower (photo). The immense 15C Cathedral(photo) is built on the ruins of the old mosque and is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus (photo). DNA testing has been done to prove that the remains are those of Columbus. However, they are ashes and bones and it is possible that parts of his remains remain in Santo Domingo and Havana where they had been moved during the years after his death. The Cathedral is a World Heritage site and is noted for the main altar and the choir with its two organs (photos). In the evening we enjoyed a typical Spanish meal and a Flamenco show.


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