Zamora & Santiago de Compostela

We left Madrid today through the Guadarrama Mountains to Santiago de Compostela. Some of Spain’s most fashionable white wines are produced in the Rueda region, so we stopped for a tasting. The wine was very good and is one that is exported to Canada and the United States. This area is largely agricultural and we saw some fighting bulls in a field en route (photo). We had our lunch at Zamora, a city in Castile-Leon which is not very often visited by tourists and had time to see some sights.  The Medieval castle, now a partial ruin, offers great views over the Douro River and the town (photo). The Douro River also features a Roman bridge (photo). The Santa Maria Magdalena Church is one of the Romanesque churches in town dating to the 13th c. (photo).  Zamora Cathedral, dating from the 12th c., also Romanesque in style, took only 23 years to build (photo).  Lastly I show San Juan de Puerta Nueva Church, a close up of the two sculptures near the tower and the 12th century stained glass circular window, the symbol of Zamora. We then continued to Santiago de Compostela, where the tomb of the Apostle St James was discovered in the Middle Ages.  On the way, we saw signposts on the trail which leads pilgrims to the Cathedral where St. James or Sant Iago is buried.

IMG_1701IMG_1737IMG_1729IMG_1725IMG_1731IMG_1720 IMG_1745

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