Along the Costa Verde to Oviedo

This morning we had a scenic drive along the Costa Verde. This Green Coast of Asturias is one of Spain’s most beautiful, named after the colour of the sea and the pine and eucalyptus trees that line the shore. En route we made two stops. The first was for a local drink of coffee with rum. Not a coffee drinker, I settled for a cup of tea. The second was at the Faro de Cabo Video, an abandoned lighthouse, which has the most spectacular coastal vistas (photos.)  We then went inland to our next stop of Oviedo. The scenery is reminiscent of Switzerland with many farms and small villages on hillsides and very green pastures (photos.) The green colour also reminds you of Ireland and in fact, this part of Spain has similar Celtic roots as Ireland, with the music and language being similar. After lunch we had a guided tour of the old area with 9th century churches built when the city was capital of Christian Spain. We visited the Cathedral of San Salvador in the square of Plaza Alfonso II. The cathedral is predominantly gothic though some 9th c. pre- Romanesque sections can be seen. I have a photo of the impressive altarpiece. We also saw the chamber where a cloth that the Vatican deems to be the cloth that covered Jesus’ face when he was taken from the cross is stored (photo).  We walked a way through the town looking at the old buildings, but it was pouring rain so we headed for the market of El Fontan to taste Northern Spain ’s drink of choice, cider. You will see from the photo that they have an interesting way of pouring it to get oxygen into the drink. After that I visited the fine Arts Museum which has some paintings by Goya and many modern Spanish artists.  Our hotel itself is worth a mention. Oviedo is in Asturias, where the re conquest of Spain from the Moors commenced. Oviedo itself was never taken by the Moors. Asturias is also the Principality for which the heir to the Spanish throne bears a title. Currently, seven year old Leonore is the Princess of Asturias and heir to the throne. This hotel, the Reconquista, is where the royal family stays on official visits to Oviedo. It was for some two hundred years a former hospital and hospice for children. I include a photo of the courtyard and two of street art.  This entire area in which we are travelling is known as the Costa Verde or Green coast. It gets a lot of rain and has led us to change the old saying  to “the rain in Spain falls mainly in the north.”


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One Response to Along the Costa Verde to Oviedo

  1. Bud says:

    Spent many yrs in southern Spain which I may have mentioned. Ie. 30 km west of mAlaga
    Never much in the west and north west. Never was in Portugal.
    Enjoy the rest of the cruise !
    See u when u return.

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