This is my second visit to Cartagena. Cartagena has stood on this site since Roman days when it was known as Carthage. It was a port of some prominence during Roman times and  substantial roman ruins are to be seen.  The most prominent is the Roman Theatre and I have a photo of just the Roman theatre and another one showing the modern theatre beside it. There is an interesting museum which takes you right into the ruins which a I visited previously.  Cartagena has been variously occupied also by the Moors and Visigoths before being granted to Bourbon Spain after the wars of succession in 1714. The Muslims called it Al Andalus and built a wall around the base of the hill in the town on top of which stood a fortress.  In 1265 the Castillian army took the town and Christians started to settle there. The Castle of Conception was built on the foundations of the earlier fortress in the 13th century and was a strategic part of the town’s defences until the 18th century. It fell into disrepair after that until recent renovations.  It is now an interesting museum and you get beautiful views of the surroundings, including the castles of de Galeras and of de la Alayla from the ramparts (photos). Its only occupants are some beautiful peacocks (photo). Cartagena lost its prominence after the 18th c. but was the last port to support the republican cause against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. The town was severely damaged during that war and much of it has been rebuilt. I enclose some photos of some beautiful buildings which have survived and of a pretty park.


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