Malaga, Spain

I have visited Malaga before and at that time visited the Moorish Alcazaba, the Castle, the Cathedral of Malaga and the Picasso Museum.  Malaga is Europe’s southernmost city, the fifth largest in Spain, one of the oldest cities in the world dating from 770 BC and the second busiest cruise port on the Iberian peninsula. I took a long walk around the town and passed by the Cathedral (photo) and the Picasso Foundation which is in the house in which he was born (photo). It is currently closed to set up a new exposition. En route I saw the Alcazaba, built between the 11th and 14th centuries which was the palace fortress of the Moorish governors (photo). It is the best-preserved Moorish citadel in Spain and is located next to the Roman Theater, which was rediscovered in 1951 (photo).  Behind the Roman theatre, you can see the walls of the Castle of Gibralfaro.  I also visited the Carmen Thyssen Museum Malaga. I houses some 200 painting by Spanish painters from the 13th to the 20th century. I particularly enjoyed pictures from the latter half of the 19th century painted in a style called Precieux which calls for great attention to detail. There is a  website for the museum at:  On my way back to the ship, I stopped by the local market (photos) and bought some delicious grapes. This is my last day in Spain. Tomorrow we will be in Gibraltar.


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