Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

Ponta Delgada is a beautiful, verdant island with temperate weather all year round. If you ever have an opportunity to visit, don’t miss it.  We had one day in this delightful port but a visit of several days would be needed to see the entire island.  Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores is on the island of San Miguel, one of the islands in the Azores Archipelago. The Azores were discovered in the mid 1400s by the Portuguese.  San Miguel has had a lot of volcanic activity, the last eruption being in 1957.  The eruptions have caused severe damage but have also left lakes of considerable beauty in the calderas. The hardened lava has also been used in the construction of buildings and in handicrafts. There is also a geo-thermal electricity plant with plans being made for another.  I went on a tour out of town which headed northeast along roads bordering agricultural areas (photo) and leading across the island to Ribeira Grande. This is the oldest and largest city on the north coast and you can see the Portuguese influence. I have some photos of a street showing houses trimmed with lava stone, the Church, theatre and gardens.  It was Sunday so not much was open however, a shop was opened so that we could have a taste of some of the many liqueurs produced locally.  We then went across country and up the steep slopes of Pico da Barrosa Mountain, where the clouds miraculously parted after several requests to St. Peter by our local tour guide, and we had wonderful views of the Fire Lake (photos).  The mountain slopes are covered with dense forests. However, it appears that virtually all of the plants on the Azores are imported from other parts of the world.  Hydrangeas bloom everywhere as does ginger lily.  We made our way to a pineapple plantation. the temperature here is not hot enough to grow them in fields so they are grown in greenhouses and it takes two years to produce very expensive pineapples. They are not as large as those grown elsewhere and are apparently sweeter.  After our return to Ponta Delgada and lunch, I set out to see the city and its Baroque architecture.  I have photos of  the Portas de Cidade (city gates), the fortress, San Sebastian church as well as some other interesting buildings that unfortunately I cannot identify (photos).  We then headed for Horta, our last port of call.


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  1. Dad says:

    Nice. Dad.
    Enjoy your trip.

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