Torshavn, Faroe Islands

My first visit to Torshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands and said to be the smallest capital city in the world, was in 2012. I took a visit to the countryside and also visited the historic parts of the city. You can find my description at:

Today I took a ship tour which left  Streymoy Island via Kaldbakfjord and the Kollafjørdur Valley with it many fish farms (photo), and then passed through the  7 km. underwater tunnel to Vágar Island.   Our drive took us past Vágar’s beautiful scenery and its villages. Our guide told us about the island, its history and about life here today.  We drove through the village of Sandavágur, where we visited the Midvágur Church (photo), and passed the some large lakes en route to Gasadalur—Vagar’s westernmost village.  This village seen with a pretty waterfall in the foreground, has been described by National Geographic as the world’s most beautiful place (photo). It was made even prettier today by the appearance of a rainbow. Until recently, this village was accessible only by a daunting walk over a very steep mountain, which the postman did every weekday!  Now, it is accessible by a narrow tunnel.  From there, we were treated to the spectacular view of Tindholmur and Mykines Islands (photo) en route to Bour. In Bour, we saw a little village with both old and new houses with green sod roofs and a charming old tar-blackened church (2 photos).  We returned to Tórshavn via the mountain road where we had panoramic views out over the fjords and the capital city with our ship in the harbour (photo).

For those interested, the tour guide sent the following link for the Jarlshof  Archaeological site in the Shetlands: .


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One Response to Torshavn, Faroe Islands

  1. daviddapaget says:

    Wow – beautiful (even by your standards, Leslie…)! And did you say a 7 km tunnel? (To service how many people would that be?…)

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