Djupivogur, Iceland

My last visit here did not happen. It was too windy to tender in to shore. However, I gave a brief description of what I saw at:

Today it was calm and we were able to tender into the small fishing village of Djúpivogur. I took a ship’s tour to rural East Iceland. The purpose was to see something of this remote area of Iceland and two of the branches of the Vatnjokull Glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. From Djúpivogur, we travelled over an hour along the coastal road which followed the many fjords in and out and seeing beautiful scenery, lots of sheep, swans and some reindeer (photos). Our destination was the larger town of Höfn, a regional centre for tourism which also has a substantial  fishing industry.  From the town we could observe in the distance the Flaajökull Glacier (photo).  Then we continued through the mountainous region to the outlet of the Hofellsjökull Glacier (photo). Hoffellsjökull was at its largest around 1890, and for the next 50 years it reached all the way to the moraine ridge that now envelops the lake in front of the glacier (photo). Back then, trucks were driven up to this ridge and filled with ice, which they transported to the town of Höfn. The ice was used for chilling fish, both at sea aboard fishing boats and on shore. Due to climate changes, Hoffellsjökull Glacier has now retreated a considerable distance, leaving a deep glacial lagoon in its wake. The area around the glacier is the habitat of several rare Icelandic plants (photos) and a great variety of birds.  We then went to the Dynjandi Horse Farm where we saw a demonstration of pure-bred Icelandic horses. One of the riders was the seven year old son of the owner who was just as capable as the adult riders. On the return journey we saw more spectacular scenery along the fjords (photo).

Unfortunately, the Captain has cancelled tomorrow’s call for Heimaey Island due to an approaching storm. Our next port will therefore be Rekjavik.

IMG_0071IMG_0048IMG_0108IMG_0128IMG_0131 (2)IMG_0123IMG_0171IMG_0214

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  1. daviddapaget says:

    More great photos, in extraordinary landscapes.

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