Alesund Norway

I toured Alesund in 2012 and saw some of the most important sites. My trip is recorded at:

I will be in Alesund twice this trip. I have booked a ship’s tour of the Islands of Giske and Godoy for  the second visit. Today I visited the Alesund Museum and walked around the downtown area. The Museum is small and briefly covers the entire history of Alesund from prehistoric times to the present with an emphasis on the fishing industry, Word War II and the great fire which gave rise to the rebuilding of Alesund in the Art Deco style. As a cruise ship passenger, I found one item of particular interest. It is a covered lifeboat referred to as a Uraed, or the white pearl of the Norwegian shipping industry (photo).  In 1907, it was used by two Norwegians on a 5 month winter voyage from Alesund to Gloucester Massachusetts, north of Boston to prove that use of covered lifeboats was the only way to save the lives of sailors.  While the first trip showed the value of the lifeboats, it took 70 years and two world wars before covered lifeboats became standard in international shipping. I also attach a few photos of Alesund.


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  1. daviddapaget says:

    Looks delightful. All new to me.

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