Alesund, Norway

We have commenced the second part of our cruise, having spent a lovely 2 days in London, England while our ship was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to rid it of norovirus.  Holland America Line treated the passengers very well  during this episode.  Unfortunately newly boarded passengers have apparently become ill. Hopefully they will abide by the quarantine to avoid spreading it further.  There is still no self service in any dining venue and no condiments are on any of the dining tables. It makes for a lot of extra work for the crew who are looking very tired. 

Today we returned to Alesund, pronounced Ohlesund.  It was pouring rain but on the advice of another passenger, I took the walking tour organized by the Alesund Tourist Information Office.  It cost NOK100 which is about US$6.  The guide took us around the old city which had burned to the ground in a fire in 1904. The old buildings were replaced by stone and brick buildings, many of them in the Art Nouveau style popular in Europe. The Norwegian version of it included the idea of using many curved lines, using different shaped windows on the various floors of a building, putting a small tower or turret on the building and using designs with Viking motifs.  References to the Viking heritage were to celebrate the recent independence of Norway from Sweden.  Photos were difficult in the rain, but I include a couple.  We also went to a viewpoint from where we could see over the two main islands on which Alesund is located.  In the third photo, you see a large yellow building with a brown tower.  This was the Nazi Headquarters during WW II and is now a school.  There was an active resistance movement in Norway during the war. Many fishermen ferried Norwegians to the Shetland Islands and this was commemorated by a statue near the harbour (photo.)   Tomorrow we stop in Trondheim.


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