Honnigsvaag, Norway

Honningsvaag is one of the northernmost places in the world. It lies on the west coast of Norway, running up against the Barents Sea. It is a very popular tourist destination however, both for the fact that it is close to the North Cape which asserts itself as the northernmost place in Europe, and for the beautiful scenery and activities for outdoor enthusiasts and birders.  The North Cape is described as an enormous rock with a steep wall climbing more than 1,000 feet from the Arctic Ocean below at a latitude of 71º, 10’ north. At the North Cape Hall, you’ll find a shopping area, a post office, chapel, bar and restaurant and a 180º wide-screen cinema which shows a 14-minute audio-visual presentation about the landscape, the people’s story and history. I have been here many years ago on a bus tour and did not go to the North Cape today. We will sail by the cape this evening and hopefully will see the monument that is placed at the edge of the cliff. Today, I hiked up the mountains surrounding the harbour.  There was a heavy mist which got heavier as I climbed upwards. I took a few photos of the mountains surrounding the harbour, the iconic Hurtigruten ferry coming into the town, some arctic plants, the harbour with the ferry and our ship, and finally the church, which is the town’s oldest building.  Our next port is Molde.


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