Geiranger, Norway

I visited Geiranger in 2012 and my description of the fjord and the village are found my post at:

Today, I took a tour to a mountain farm in the Herdal area which had about 150 goats.  It is situated on a plateau 1,650 feet above sea level and has been running continuously for more than 300 years. From Geiranger our coach climbed the Eagle Road with its 11 hairpin bends but we did not stop at the top for the view until our return as the area was shrouded in fog.  After reaching the mountain summit, we drove through high mountains and lovely green valleys (photo), stopping at a small lake for its scenic views (photo).  Continuing on we saw a very old house on the grounds of which they have found indications of habitation dating to 300 BCE (photo). We then continued to Eidsdal on Storfjord (the big fjord) which is the main fjord of which Geirangerfjord is a part. After a stop to look at a small church (photo) and some interesting fishing huts lining the shore of the fjord (photo), we went on to the mountain farm.  The goats are kept at a winter farm until early June when they are moved to the mountain farm. This year the long winter delayed the move until a few weeks ago. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive the goats up to the summer farm where they will stay until the end of August.  The main product from the farm is brown and white cheese made from goats’ milk.  We had a guided tour of the old homes on the farm which is a Norwegian Heritage Site and saw how they made the cheese and some caramels that they produce.  We then were treated to a tasting of the various cheese products and the caramels, which of course could also be purchased. I have some pictures of the huts and some kids piled up asleep.  On the return we stopped at the Eagle Bend for a  view of the cruise ships anchored below. Tomorrow we are in Flam.


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