Darwin, Australia

I have been here before and I will be coming back here near the end of November when I take a land tour after the cruise. The link to the post for my previous visit is:  https://lesliesh.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/darwin-australia/

Surrounded on three sides by the Timor Sea, the Northern Territory’s capital is closer in both distance and temperature to Southeast Asia than it is to most of Australia’s major cities.  Today, it was very hot. Darwin has fewer than 140,000 residents, but they include some 50 nationalities. After heavy bombing in World War II and a disastrous cyclone in 1974, Darwin has been largely rebuilt, and it is modern and well planned. In the downtown area you’ll find a lot of shopping including galleries devoted to indigenous art.  Darwin is the gateway to two famous national parks, Kakadu and Litchfield, as well as the Aboriginal-owned Tiwi Islands. I will be going to Litchfield and the Tiwi Islands on my return. Our next port is Komodo Island, Indonesia.

During a walk around the town, I strolled through a park and took a  few pictures.


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