Adelaide, Australia

I took the train into Adelaide from the Outer Harbour where we were docked. Today was the annual Christmas parade which draws some 250,000 people into the city and  the weather was blustery and cool, feeling more like fall than spring, and it seemed more in keeping  for those of us used to a northern Christmas.  The parade route was adjacent to the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia both of which I visited while the parade was on, so I missed seeing Santa!

The South Australian Museum is a natural history museum and research institution founded in 1856. It occupies a complex of buildings on North Terrace in the cultural precinct of the Adelaide Parklands. It has some very interesting displays relating to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

IMG_0302IMG_0303Fossils/ Gypsum

IMG_0312IMG_0322New Guinea house/boomerangs

Art Gallery of South Australia offers a comprehensive overview of Australian art, both historic and contemporary, with a special focus on indigenous art and an Asian collection that includes the only dedicated Islamic gallery in Australia. I particularly enjoyed the small section devoted to Japanese art.

I then went to the Adelaide Central market which was founded in 1869. It is located at the heart of the Central Business District and hosts more than 80 shops which offer a selection of food reflective of Adelaide’s multicultural population.  It has  a large food court and I had my lunch there.


I then took the free loop bus to the Adelaide Botanic Garden which is a 51 hectare public garden at the north-east corner of the Adelaide city centre, in the Adelaide Park Lands. It has some very interesting plants from Australia and around the world. One tree of particular interest is a the Wollemi Pine. It is called a living fossil as until recently when  a couple of stands of it were found in a deep gorge 120 km north of Sydney, it was known only by fossils of leaves, cones and minute pollen grains.

IMG_0329IMG_0341Wollemi Pine/Cacti

I walked through the shopping district on my way back to the train station. Tomorrow we are to go to Kangaroo Island. However, the weather will delay our departure from Adelaide and while the Captain thinks we can get to Kangaroo island on time, the big issue there will be the fact that we have to tender ashore. If the winds there are like we have today in Adelaide, we may not be able to go ashore.

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