Penneshaw, Australia

We did not make it into Penneshaw. The winds were 51 kts and it was impossible to lower the tenders. The Captain also said that the anchor would not hold in those conditions. We sheltered for several hours in the lee of the island before heading off to Burnie Tasmania, our next port. The Captain said to expect rough seas with waves of 4 to 5 metres ( 12-15 ft.)  However, here is a little about the island.

Kangaroo is the Australian continent’s third-largest island. Penneshaw, its main ferry port, has a population of less than 300 people. Roads run through the fields, scrub and dense gum forests of this spectacular unspoiled destination. It remains one of the best places to see Australian marsupials in the wild. Almost half the island remains bush or national park, sheltering koalas, echidnas and a million or so Tammar wallabies.  Marine mammals also make a healthy showing on Kangaroo Island.

I had booked an excursion that would have taken me to see the following places:

  1. Seal Bay Conservation Park, home to a protected colony of Australian sea lions.
  2. Pass through rugged bush land to spot koalas.
  3. A gourmet lunch served in an authentic bush setting.
  4. The island’s two most iconic landmarks–Remarkable Rocks and Admiral’s Arch. These geological phenomena re located in the heart of Flinders Chase National Park. Remarkable Rocks are bizarre granite boulders shaped over 500 million years, while Admiral’s Arch features a magnificent archway sculpted by the elements, where New Zealand fur seals can be seen frolicking in the water below.
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