Ayers Rock, Australia (Uluru and Kata-Tjuta)

Saturday I flew to Ayers Rock and immediately after checking in started a 5 hour tour to see Uluru, the aboriginal name and the one commonly now used, for Ayer’s Rock. Uluru is famous because it is the largest monolithic rock in the world. I went with  a small group family owned company called SEIT Tours. The guides, Emily and Francesca, were terrific.  We went on  few short walks at the base while they provided a lot of information and then had a  sunset viewing and  champagne  toast. On Sunday morning, Emily guided us on  sunrise tour of Kata-Tjuta ( formerly called The Olgas) followed by a picnic breakfast in the bush.   The food and the extra long tours were features of SEIT Tours who I can happily recommend.  The hotels and campgrounds in the Ayers Rock Resort are all under one management. You can charge  meals at any hotel back to your room. The staff in the hotels are very good about confirming your tours and pickups etc.  There are also other tour companies including the major Australian  companies who offer packages and tours at the resort. 


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