Darwin, Australia

Today I took a small group tour with Northern Territory Indigenous Tours to Litchfield National Park. It rained heavily last night and the area to which we were to go for our lunch was flooded and closed off. That was not a  problem. Tess, the owner of the tour company, owns land in the park area and that is where we went. First however, we went to the  Florence Falls for a walk and swim with some interpretation by Tess’s husband, Greg. While Tess prepared lunch, we swam again in her creek.  Lunch was kangaroo, crocodile and barramundi, cooked  over an open fire, with fruit and salad.  It was delicious.  After lunch we travelled through the park stopping for interpretation of more flora and fauna, by both Tess and Greg, and then before heading back to town, stopped at the Wangi Falls for another swim. Tess imparted  lot of information about aboriginal culture and the issues faced by aboriginal people in Australia today.  The weather was quite pleasant today – overcast and relatively cool, and the day was one of the best on my trip.


Florence Falls


Termite Mounds/ Wangi Falls

IMG_0598 (2)IMG_0597IMG_0588 (2)1

Bower bird and nest                                                                   Lunch

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