The Cliffs of Moher then on to Galway


Leaving our hotel located on the Shannon River on the outskirts of Limerick, we travelled to Limerick itself where we saw the Treaty Stone  and the medieval King John’s Castle.


We then carried on to the 700-foot Cliffs of Moher on the Clare Coast. The walkways were either to the left or right and the view was terrific either direction. I went up to the left and did about an hours walk along the cliffs.  The Aran Islands were visible in the distance. We visit them tomorrow.



En route to Galway we drove through the rocky landscape of the Burren toward Galway Bay. The landscape before you showed limestone terraces, green fields, hazel scrub and glacial till. This is the first example of this type of landscape that we have seen. We also saw some ruins of old Irish Castles.


On arrival in Galway, we took a guided walking tour of the city. It was very crowded with  Sunday shoppers.  We started with the Lynch Memorial and Church of St. Nicholas, where Christopher Columbus reputedly prayed before his discovery of America. This church was originally a Templar church but it was later completely ransacked by Cromwell’s forces. However, the original interior of the church survives. There is a grave of a woman named Jane Eyre in the church. She is thought to be the inspiration for the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  We also walked through Eyre Square, dedicated to the late US President, John F Kennedy who gave a speech there in 1963.


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