Londonderry and Giant’s Causeway


We started the day with a tour on and around the wall of Londonderry/Derry as it is officially known. Last night there were demonstrations and we saw the remains of a giant bonfire that had been set alight in the early hours of the morning. We had been advised not to walk around the town last evening as the  demonstrations were expected.  We went through the Bogside where the “troubles” were remembered in large murals painted on the sides of buildings. There is now a Peace Bridge across the River Foyle. 


We then went to the legendary Giant’s Causeway, a geological masterpiece created by 60 million years of the cooling and shrinking of lava which formed the hexagonal columns seen today. The local people have myths and legends about the creation of the site and they also believe that there is magic in the stones.


We then went to admire the beautiful Dark Hedges. This stunning avenue of  beech trees, planted in the 18th century, is more recently known as the Kings Road from Game of Thrones. Apparently the road will be closed off next year as the trees are dying from natural causes and the added stress caused by the number of visitors to the site.


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