The Antrim Coast to Belfast

Last night we stayed at the Ballygally Castle Hotel in Ballygally.  The hotel has three items of interest: it dates from 1625 (the rooms are renovated to modern standards), it has a ghost and the Dining Room door is made of wood from the trees from the Dark Hedges of the Games of Thrones  that had to be cut down due to disease.


Continuing around the Antrim Coast, we went past the huge Norman castle at Carrickfergus, and arrived in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast very early. An excellent local guide gave us a panoramic tour of the city seeing amongst other sites,  Queen’s University, Stormont and the Belfast Murals.


In our free time, we visited the Titanic Belfast, a state of the art visitor centre and birthplace of the Titanic. I can highly recommend this, but you need at least two hours to see it properly. Our tour ended today and I fly home tomorrow.


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One Response to The Antrim Coast to Belfast

  1. daviddapaget says:

    Thanks for all your fascinating accounts and photos, Leslie! You have more discipline than I do, as you seemed to do this at the end of almost every day. I thought this was leading to a cruise, but see you’re flying home tomorrow. Bon voyage. I look forward to catching up with you.

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