Shenzhen, China

My second day in Hon Kong, I went across the border to Shenzhen, China.  Doing this involves all of the immigration departure and arrival formalities on both sides of the border in both directions, adding about 45 minutes time to the trip.  Shenzhen is easily reached from Hong Kong by the MRT system.  After immigration you have to switch to the Shenzhen MRT system.  The system is massive and the trains are brand new, large and have English announcements. Both systems are easy to navigate and Google Maps can give complete directions.  My first visit was by the MRT to the Dafen Oil Painting Village. I was curious about this place because I understand that they produce a lot of artwork for shipping abroad to big box retailers.  There are many artists at work and some are painting in the classical Chinese style, but I saw a lot of copies of Old Masters.  There was also a seal carver at work as classical paintings always have the artists seal affixed to them.  I found one store selling Chinese brushes and paper and  another selling art books. There is a brand new art museum in the village. The paintings there are in both the classical and modern Chinese genres. 


I returned to the border to visit the Lowu City Shopping Mall which is beside the Train Station. This mall has hundreds of small shops selling clothing, handbags, jewellery, Chinese medicines and prescription eyeglasses.  A friend has been buying prescription sunglasses from Bohua Glasses in unit 2109 for several years with great success.  They are very inexpensive and ready in one hour.  They can copy from your existing glasses or do an eye exam if you prefer.

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